Gable sprints past some sparky spectral spooks!

Hi all! 🙂

A new Down Ward update, beta113, is out! 

Lots of level refinements and modifications, with some levels getting entirely new areas. Updated music. Significant improvements and additions to Gamepad support, including a new default control layout, which I think works much more intuitively. 

Most important for the gamepad though, you can now finally bind Up and Fly as separate controls. Previously Up/Fly was a single control, and though you could bind it to extra buttons on the gamepad, like a Shoulder button, it was still the equivalent of pressing Up. The old system made sense on the keyboard, but it would manifest in strange ways on the gamepad, where it was less obvious that Up and Fly were the same command. With the new gamepad control system, you can still optionally assign a combined “Up/Fly” command to a gamepad button and it behaves like the old system, but now by default all gamepad control schemes use the separated Up and Fly commands.

Speaking of which, I also added preset gamepad controls schemes to choose from, and a new menu page for them. The new default is the “Birch” scheme. There’s an alternate “Aspen” scheme, and the old control scheme is “Cedar”.

I’ll have more detailed update notes in a followup post.

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