Gable making her path a little less prickly with some heart blocks.

I’m planning to soften the difficulty curve in a number of levels, and refine some of their layouts, in the next update. The gif above shows another one of the level adjustments I’m currently making. In Vinaflora (level 7) there is now a switch that covers over much of the lower razorvine trenches with heart blocks, making the lower area much safer.

Activating these safety blocks requires a little detour, meaning that a player would need to skip them and go for riskier higher-precision play, if they were working towards the absolute fastest completion times for the level. Generally when I include a safer route or option, I like to have a harder rout that lets a player shave off some additional time, but which requires greater precision.


Happy New Year, All!  (◠,◠)

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