Gable scurries through the new Mantle region of the upcoming rebuilt tutorial level.

The new tutorial is nearing completion. I’ve been intermittently building and refining this level for a while, though I hadn’t gotten back around to continuing on it until recently.

I want it to be set up so that it’s hard to inadvertently miss the important introductory info, but still open enough to keep a feeling of exploration. It’s a much larger level than the current tutorial, and larger than I’d initially planned on, but as noted in a prior post on the new tutorial, I’ve found that spreading out the info helps a lot with clarity.

There’s a lot of Down Ward related work that I’ve been wanting to put quite a bit of time into, but I’d been holding off because a good deal of it is either of a supporting nature, like digital artwork, or of a variety that’s harder to show visually, and usually I try to keep my updates at least somewhat visual. 

I had figured I’d be freer to jump into that kind of work after completing the Kickstarter relaunch. However, with my initial plan for an April relaunch delayed, in light of world events, and some ambiguity as to when a relaunch would be possible, I decided to just forge ahead, and dig into a lot of that previously mentioned work anyway. Some of it is art study related, some of it is writing related, some refinement and restructuring of engine code. A side effect is that I’ve been spending more time on Down Ward, but I’ve left a longer gap between core game updates.

I’ve been a bit wary about posting to many off-topic updates, which is probably just down to me overthinking it, but I really like keeping in touch with you all, and sharing various odd stories and stuff with you, game-centric or otherwise.

Anyway, I’m once again starting to look at the landscape for a relaunch, and as always, I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Source post Kickstarter update #56

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